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Healthy (real-life) eating habits

you’ll stick with for years

Lower your risks of diabetes and heart disease while getting to your best weight … without resorting to restrictive diets.

Your health is changing and diets just don’t stick

You’ve tried losing weight to get healthier in the past but have ended up heavier than ever before.

Now your doctor tells you that your blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar levels are high and you’re headed toward diabetes or heart disease.

Something has to change with your eating and lifestyle. You know another new diet isn’t the answer … but nothing else seems to be enough.


Eating is about MUCH more than food

Get consistent with healthful eating so you can take control of your health before your health controls your life.

Instead of starting your diet on Monday and filling your fridge with salad (only to guiltily watch it go to waste), take a step back and start at the real beginning.

Get all the accountability, guidance, support and resources you need to make healthful eating a natural part of your life instead of relying on willpower alone …

Because you have more important things to do in life than think about what you can or can’t eat all the time. 


Let’s Work Together

The Nourish your Health Program

Improve your lab results, get to your best weight and lower your risks of diabetes and heart disease with sustainable changes you can live with.

Craving Change®

Understand why you eat the way you do, learn to comfort yourself without food and understand why willpower isn’t the answer. 

my promise

No matter the service or the level of support you choose …



I make room in my schedule to support you and only accept the number of clients I can be fully there for. I take a lot of pride in developing a relationship with my clients and getting to know their situation



Don’t see a resource already available to answer your question? That’s what I’m here for! Your questions are used to constantly enhance the programs and new resources will help everyone.

A Safe Space


Eating is a very personal thing. Know that I’m here as a listening ear, someone to bounce ideas off of, a resource to guide you and a safe space to express your challenges, worries or frustrations. You are not alone with this.

hi there!

I’m Angela

Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator

Having a regular maintenance plan is so much easier than trying to fix or reverse problems down the road!

I saw this firsthand during my years working in longterm care. Most of the residents I served lived with varying degrees of chronic diseases and complications that affected their independence and quality of life.

It was when I had my second baby, only months away from turning 41, that this really hit home for me personally. I picture myself being there for as many as possible of the milestones that lay ahead for my boys!

the power of prevention

Preventative health is too often overlooked or put off ‘until’

“Why fix what ain’t broke” is NOT a statement that works for health!

Unfortunately the future feels far away. We wait until (insert your reason here) before getting back to eating better or exercising.

Or we feel like getting diabetes or having a heart attack is something we can’t avoid. After all, it runs in the family and once it starts there’s nothing to do about it …

Working with a dietitian is proven to help lower your risks of getting a chronic disease and help prevent progression if you’ve been diagnosed.


Lower cholesterol & blood pressure

Did you know …

9 in 10 Canadians have at least 1 risk factor for heart disease and stroke

Almost 80% of premature  heart disease and stroke can be prevented with healthful behaviours.

3 of the 6 risk factors for heart disease or stroke  are related to your eating.

Taking care of your blood pressure and cholesterol can help lower your risks.

Get blood sugar levels in range

Did you know…

Blood sugar levels are important whether you have diabetes or not 

 Risks of type 2 diabetes increase if you have prediabetes or are over 40 and have a parent or sibling with diabetes. 

High blood sugar levels can also play a role in weight, inflammation, heart disease, brain health, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease and more. 

Find a weight that fits your life

Did you know …

Your weight doesn’t determine your health

Stop chasing a number on the scale or trying to fit into a box on the BMI chart

Setting a weight number that sounds ‘right’, then dieting hard to get to it (or feeling like a failure every time you step on the scale and see it didn’t move) doesn’t work. You have better things to spend your life on.

Your Best Weight is one where you can find ways to move and eat that feel healthful to you and your routines.

Get more out of your years ahead

Did you know …

Health is not just the absence of illness. It’s also the your quality of life!

Chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes are years in the making. 

Why wait until you’re diagnosed and forced to make changes in your eating and lifestyle?

Starting now can help you preserve your health for your future years, but also makes your day-to-day feel great now.

Even if you’ve already been diagnosed with a chronic condition, you can slow down (or avoid) the progression toward complications by building healthful habits now.

Your Roadmap

four steps to sustainable habits

Book a free introduction call

Click on the Book a Call button and take a look in my calendar for us to chat by phone. Once you’ve chosen a time you’ll receive a confirmation as well as a short pre-call questionnaire so we can get the most out of our time together.

We’ll chat about your perfect program

During your call, we’ll chat about your unique situation, challenges and goals to see if we share a common health vision. This is also where you can learn if my programs speak to your health priorities and if I’m the right person to walk with you on this part of your journey.  

Work through the program when it works for you

I’ll be right there with you at each step of the process to monitor and guide you in moving forward, no matter what program you choose! All of the resources you need will be delivered to you through your online client portal, including face-to-face video sessions (as applicable), worksheets, on-demand videos, accountability check-ins and messenger system. Work through the materials and ask questions when it’s right for your schedule without being limited to typical 9-5 healthcare hours.

Live your habits

Learning strategies for life-long success takes some work. With practice, time, reflection and tweaking, your habits will feel like a well-worn pair of jeans that fit just right.

Life will continue to get in the way at times but know that I’m still here if you need some support through the tougher times. This isn’t an investment in a one-and-done DIY course about healthy eating! Ongoing customized support packages can be set up after completing your program.

Questions? Check the FAQ or contact me.


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