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I’m Angela

I help people who are conscious of their changing health to build sustainable, real-life eating habits so they can improve their labs, avoid medication and get to their best weight without being the one on a new diet every month.

My Story + Approach

Being a Registered Dietitian over the past 12 years has been such a rewarding experience! I’ve met amazing people and been inspired by my patients and clients everyday. 

Although I’m a person first and a dietitian second, this is a career that weaves itself perfectly with my life. I get to use food to bridge the old ways and the new times. I get to be a teacher, a helper, a scientist, a coach, a trusted source of information, a listener, a guide, a writer, a cook. Best of all, I get to work with real people who have real struggles … and I have the honour of being invited to walk alongside them on their journey.

As my business name suggests, my nutrition philosophy is rooted in using positive nutrition to help people add food into their eating instead of focusing on what to avoid. I believe that all food can fit and that your body’s messages are your best guide.

When I’m not working with clients

… I’m planning so my next nutrition ideas can come to life! 

After-hours, I’m hanging out with my boys (playing Lego or convincing the little one to take a nap which is a full-time job) and finding ways to cook using the fewest dishes possible. And those times I have a free moment? Coffee/wine (depending on the time of day), Netflix, crafting, reading and music!

Thanks for letting me share my story with you. I look so forward to hearing your’s!


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Fun Facts

Although I’m a dietitian, I’m a real person and a busy mama too! Here’s a few more things you don’t know …

I’m a big fan of double-duty appliances, cutting corners on recipes and finding ways to use the least amount of dishes when cooking!

I developed a whole new sense of aging well after my second son was born … months away from turning 41

I watched Beetlejuice on repeat when it was new, back-to-back, and even picked it up mid-way from different time zones

My favorite time of day is the early quiet morning with a cup of coffee (though at this point with 2 busy boys I can only dream of those moments returning someday!)

The tallest roller coaster I’ve been on was the Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland (and I loved every second)

As a kid I dreamed of being an artist, dancer or teacher when I grew up and spent hours setting up my stuffies in a classroom, teaching or reading to them


Being a lifelong learner is a huge part of my identity and I’m proud to share what my career as a dietitian is built on.

I also think you have the right to know what makes me qualified to share the information and offer the support that I do.

Eating is not just about food choices – it’s important you feel confident that both food and non-food-related topics are delivered with credibility and professionalism.


  • Bachelor of Sciences in Human Nutritional Sciences, University of Manitoba
  • Accredited internship, Manitoba and Nunavut
  • Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Certified Craving Change® Clinician

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