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Craving Change®

Saying “no” to temptation takes more than willpower, it takes ‘skillpower’. Learn new ways of thinking and behaving to help you change your problematic eating habits.

Sound familiar?

  • “I know what to eat, I just can’t seem to do it.”
  • “I’m an emotional eater”
  • “I want more control over my eating”


You’re not alone

What if you could …

  • understand why it is so hard to change your eating habits
  • identify your own personal problematic eating triggers
  • learn many different strategies and techniques to change either your triggers or eating response
  • maintain your healthier eating habits

the missing piece of the puzzle …

Craving Change

A program for people who feel like they struggle with their eating

 Changing how you eat is simple, right? Make up your mind about how you should eat and put your mind to it. 

Step away from focusing on WHAT to eat. Find out why you eat the way you do, why it’s hard to change your eating habits and what you can do about it.


Who Is The Program For?

This program is for you if you …

  • need to change your eating so you can take care of your health

  • find yourself regularly eating in response to your thoughts and feelings

  • wonder why you just don’t have the willpower or motivation to make a change in your life
  • feel guilt or other negative emotions about your eating patterns
  • are ready to learn other ways of coping with life than food


How It Works

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Increase Awareness

Without understanding WHY change is hard or WHAT actually needs changing, you might be working against your body instead of with it.

Learn Strategies

Once you understand more about yourself and your personal eating cues or triggers you can learn ways to cope with them that don’t involve food.

Maintain your Success

Sticking with your changes is about more than willpower. It takes more than just a plan. Learn the tools you need to get back up when life happens.

what makes this program different

You may have heard about Craving Change before, but did you know you get …

Individual sessions

Eating is personal and the clients I work with have told me they prefer one-to-one discussions over the typical group format offered elsewhere

In-depth workbook

The in-depth workbook enhances your learning with session summaries, worksheets and hands-on activities to help you use the strategies in your life


Created in Canada, this program is based on the Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Approach and is widely used across Canada and beyond

What’s included

This 5-month program includes:

  • Monthly face-to-face video sessions where we’ll discuss the material and customize it to your life
  • Hands-on worksheets, activities and strategies to enhance what we discuss in-session by helping you increase your awareness and apply it in your life
  • Between-session check-ins to help you stay focused and keep you from getting stuck or feeling lost
  • Access to ask questions, get clarifications and share wins or challenges anytime you want via the private Messenger system in your client portal

What we’ll Discuss

Understanding the Program

Before starting, we’ll set the stage so you get a sense of the mindset we’re taking with this program.

Get started with supplementary activities while you wait for your workbook and program welcome package.

About the Cognitive-Behavioural Approach
Craving Change uses the Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Approach to help you make behaviour changes that last in your life.

The cognitive-behavioural model helps us understand how our thoughts, feelings and actions are closely linked.

Why it's Hard to Change

So often people start their new lifestyle with great intentions.

First looking up what they should or shouldn’t eat, then buying a fridge full of veggies … and then watching them shrivel up and turn to mush, only to grab take out by the end of the week with an extra side of ice cream because they feel like they failed.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. 

Change is hard – and we first need to understand all the things that influence our food and eating choices. 

These influences include from society, our body and the behaviours we learn over our whole life, often unconsciously.

What Needs Changing

Once you’ve explored the influences on your eating and food choices, you can start to examine your specific triggers and cues.

Without understanding the actual problem for you, no wonder it’s difficult to find the right solution!

You’ll learn a variety of tools to help you learn more about your own problematic eating triggers. 

How you can Change

See how much we need to talk about before we get to the part about actually making changes to your eating?!

The Craving Change program comes with 16 strategies and tools to help you through your changes. These strategies all come with instructions and worksheets for changing your behaviours and/or your response to triggers. 

During our time together you’ll have the time and space to learn, try, tweak and adapt these strategies so they work for you.

Keep the Change

Making a change in your life is a great achievement, but without the tools to keep the change going, you might feel frustrated when life happens.

Because life will happen.

Knowing how to get back up after ‘slipping up’ can help you move forward again and maintain your positive changes.

Does this sound like the missing piece for you? Let’s get started!

You are not alone

Understand why you eat the way you do and what to do about it

Learn more about the program, including stories from participants on the Craving Change website:

meet your coach

Hi! I’m Angela

Certified Craving Change® Clinician

Since becoming certified to facilitate Craving Change, back in 2010, it’s been one of my favorite programs to offer!

People tell me they feel heard and that they’re relieved when they realize why new habits have nothing to do with willpower. They feel like this program is the missing piece of the puzzle – the stuff that weight-loss focused programs don’t talk about.

I’m so honoured to be able to offer this program to people who are struggling with eating. To help them find more comfortable ways of using food, that aligns with their health, so they can focus on the great things in life they have ahead of them.


Payment Options

Find the missing piece of the puzzle

Join the program today!

5-month Craving Change program with individual support


monthly payment plan available with no additional fee


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover this program?

Each employer works with the insurance company to decide what and how much will be covered in your policy. 

If you are covered to work with a registered dietitian, this program fits into that.

After each session, you’ll be given an Official Receipt either to use for reimbursement or for your records if you are Direct Billing.

Verifying your coverage with your insurance provider is never a bad idea though. At this point most providers are recognizing virtual care, however this may be something to ask about.

I'm recovering from an eating disorder - would this program be a good fit?
If you are working through eating disorder recovery right now, I suggest reaching out to someone within your care team to discuss if Craving Change is a good fit for you in general and which organizations offer it as part of eating disorder recovery care.
Will this program help me lose weight?
Craving Change is not a weight loss program and we won’t be talking about what, when or how much to eat.

This program helps people uncover their cues or triggers for eating in a way that feels problematic to them. We then talk about what you can do instead of using food.

Some people find that changing their habits with these tools leads to losing some extra weight that has crept on over the years. Some people don’t have a change in their weight.

Most people feel more satisfied with how they make food choices and handle life’s stresses. Many of them also have improved health as their eating lines up better with how they want to be eating.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Refunds can be requested within the first 30 days after you register for Craving Change.

Your refund amount will be pro-rated to account for any services you’ve used within the program.

All the details about refunds and other policies are available before you move forward with your registration for the program.

Are there videos I can watch on my own time between our sessions?

As a Certified Craving Change Clinician, I can share this program with clients under license with Craving Change Inc. This license gives me permission to use the material in real-time with people, in an interactive way.

This means that our one-to-one sessions will be used for discussing the topics in real-time and for customizing them to you. We’ll also discuss which parts of the workbook to focus on between sessions.

In-between sessions is the time for you to process what we’ve talked about, use the tools and worksheets to enhance your understanding and practice using the strategies.

You’ll find videos from me, checklists and extra resources in your online client portal as well that will keep you on track with what we’re working on.

I have a problem with snacking in the evening but don't see myself as an emotional eater - can this program still help?

There are so many reasons that we eat – both conscious and unconscious!

Craving Change can help with more than emotional eating. We talk about how society, your setting, body and learned reactions affect your eating.

I’m happy to chat with you more to see if Craving Change is a good fit for you or if my other program, Nourish your Health might be a better first step.

You can sign up for a free Introduction call with me to review your situation and figure out the best strategy.


Do you also offer this as a group workshop?

I am really looking forward to being able to offer online group workshops, as the Craving Change program was originally designed. There is power in learning with and from others!

If you’re interested in getting updates about when a group may be offered, please leave your name and email here.

Do you have another question? Contact me.

not sure if this is the program for you?

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