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The Nourish your Health Program

Build sustainable eating habits so you can lower your health risks, improve your labs, avoid medication and get to your best weight without being the one on a new diet every month.

Are you feeling…

  • like no matter what you do (or don’t), you’ll end up with diabetes or have a heart attack just like your mom, dad, sister, brother …
  • that healthful eating is too hard, too expensive and just not realistic
  • confused by what you read online about how to eat for your health
  • like making food choices is taking over your entire day (and it still doesn’t seem to be making a difference)
  • frustrated, guilty, defeated, deflated (or any number of other ways) about your eating 

What would it be like to have …

  • confidence and optimism when it comes to eating
  • the knowledge about what to eat for your health
  • an understanding of how to make healthy eating an easy choice 
  • organized systems to use in your daily life to keep your eating on track over the long run (without counting points or calculating macros)
  • an improved relationship with food so you can face celebrations head on (and still enjoy those special treats without feeling like you’ve blown it)

You’re at a time in life when you’re thinking more about your health. You’re not 20 anymore, after all. You want more years to enjoy the people you love. You have many more things to do in life. And you don’t want to get diabetes like mom or dad did … or have a heart attack.

You’re feeling stuck, you know you should make some changes, maybe lose some weight to help your health. But it’s hard. And you’ve tried … but even when you do try a new diet or lose some weight, you just can’t seem to make it stick.

It feels like no one thinks you’re doing enough to prevent diabetes or a heart attack though because you don’t want to eat the same thing every single day. Or try supplements or go keto (or another extreme diet) or get a gym membership.

Why does eating have to be so hard?

Everyone has an opinion. There’s a lot of questionable info online. Your doctor is great but just tells you to “Google it” and the public health dietitian has a months-long waitlist …

introducing …

the Nourish your Health Program

Control your health before your health controls your life

Get the accountability, resources, strategies and support you need to make sustainable, life-long changes in your eating and overall lifestyle so you can focus on living your life instead of chasing health.

Who is this Program For?

This is for you if you …

  • are at risk of health concerns related to your heart health, blood sugars or weight
  • have extra weight that’s been creeping on over the years from less-than-healthful habits
  • are feeling confused by all the messages out there and are unsure of how or where to start
  • want more personalized information and accountability than what you’d get from a 2-hour healthy eating class
  • want credible answers to your questions instead of going a rabbit hole with Dr. Google or trying to figure it all out yourself


Program Principles

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast

Discover how mindset and self-awareness can help you set the stage to end dieting and find your fit as you improve your eating and lifestyle habits.


Getting comfortable with flexibility is key when re-writing habits and living new routines so you don’t fall off the wagon at the first bump in the road.


Consistency comes from having systems in place that work within your life … not from your ability to put your head down and power through. 

support & resources

No matter which support option you choose, you’ll get:

Accountability check-ins

Get accountability and guidance so you keep moving forward. The weekly and monthly check-in messages are your chance to  ask questions or share your progress and challenges.

Private community chat

Join in on the members-only community to ask questions, get support and cheer each other on. Not a chat sort of person? You can also find extra resources, prompts and guidance from me there.

Fresh new content

Find new workshops, resources, seasonal topics and up-to-date recommendations so you always have fresh new content to learn from and the best tools for your journey.

What’s Included

All support options include:

  • On-demand, step-by-step content and resources covering topics from heart-healthy eating to stress management to making meals work for your whole family to addressing emotional eating
  • Practical strategies, do-able tips, effective habits that will not only improve your health now but that are designed to be life-long changes you can live with
  • Access to the Food & Mood journals to help track and learn from your patterns
  • An Ever-growing Resources Library with member-only workshops and new resources to keep you moving forward with seasonal topics and fresh info
  • Private and secure members-only group chat area with prompts to take action, share ideas and answer your questions

Program Milestones

Kickstarting Foundations

Learn positive nutrition and key tools for your toolbox for making healthful food choices.

Mastering Mindset

Understand the biggest mindset hurdles and how to work toward overcoming them so you can move forward.

Awakening Awareness

Explore how you use food in your life and increase awareness of your body.

Re-writing Habits

Use what you’ve learned so far to take yourself off auto-pilot and re-write your habits.

Navigating New Routines

New habits are great but might feel like no match when life happens. Learn how to navigate through common bumps in the road.

Conquering Obstacles

Do some extra health trouble-shooting and understand bigger challenges that might be underneath it all for you.

Living it for Life

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of your long-term plan (and re-grouping strategy for the unavoidable pitfalls).

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

my promise

No matter the service or the level of support you choose …



You don’t need more information to help you make a change in your eating. There is NO shortage of information available – whether for better or worse. What makes the difference is support.

The Nourish your Health program offers support in a variety of ways – check-ins, community discussion, optional one-to-one sessions and a direct messenging system to me.

A Growing Resource Library


Don’t see a resource already available to answer your question? That’s what I’m here for! Your questions are used to constantly enhance the program resource library for everyone to benefit from.

A Safe Space


Changing is hard and I strongly believe that we make it harder! By trying to fit into other people’s diets or systems (because it seems like the easier route) we avoid having to examine our own choiecs and routines.

Use this time and space to reflect, process, grow, test, tweak and practice in order to know what works for you.

3 Steps to Success

How to Get Started


step 1:

pick your support

Choose between month-to-month access to have long-term accountability and resources at your fingertips or the 6-month customized program for a more focused approach.

step 2:

sign up

Click on the button below to register for your program. Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to review the ‘fine print’ before joining so you know just what to expect. Then watch your inbox for the next steps.

step 3:

start immediately

Once you complete the sign up process, you’re in! Get immediate access to program content including videos, resources and worksheets, guiding you along, step-by-step. 

meet your dietitian

Hi! I’m Angela

Dietitian, NYH program creator

After years of hearing the same story from people struggling with the early signs of chronic conditions, over and over, I created the Nourish your Health Program.

Even as a health professional, I feel the pull of the online promises, wonder about my future wellness and sometimes rely on take-out to put supper on the table for my young family. 

Eating for health doesn’t have to feel so hard. You can do enough … without restriction and feeling left out at the party or overwhelmed with trying to get it perfect. 

Support Options

Sustainable Habits for Life-long Health

Gain access to the program immediately!

Regular Membership

Guided Support

$197 for 3 months


  • on-demand access to the Nourish your Health program materials
  • the Nourish your Health program resource library with new content being added regularly
  • Food & Mood journals for tracking your patterns
  • members-only community chat area including extra resources, prompts from Angela to keep you moving forward and answer your questions
  • weekly accountability checks and goal-setting prompts with your chance to ask specific questions so you don’t get stuck
  • monthly progress check-ins, monitored by Angela

Plus+ Customized support:

  • weekly structured check-ins and review of your Food Journals with feedback from Angela
  • 4x 30 minute face-to-face session to talk it all out and tweak your plan in a customized way
  • ask questions, get clarifications or ask for guidance any time from  your online client portal


7 day money back guarantee

Program Plus+

Full Support

$747 for 6 months


  • on-demand access to the Nourish your Health program materials
  • the Nourish your Health program resource library with new content being added regularly
  • Food & Mood journals for tracking your patterns
  • members-only community chat area including extra resources, prompts from Angela to keep you moving forward and answer your questions
  • weekly accountability checks and goal-setting prompts with your chance to ask specific questions so you don’t get stuck
  • monthly progress check-ins, monitored by Angela

Plus+ Customized support:

  • weekly structured check-ins and review of your Food Journals with feedback from Angela
  • 4x 30 minute face-to-face session to talk it all out and tweak your plan in a customized way
  • ask questions, get clarifications or ask for guidance any time from  your online client portal

PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE, no additional fee

7 day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program help me lose weight?

The Nourish your Health program is not a program that focuses on intentional weight loss.

Many of the participants do lose weight because of the healthful habits that they build. But the focus is not in chasing a number on the scale.

The people who have the most success with the Nourish your Health program are ready to let go of on-and-off yo-yo dieting. They see that it hasn’t worked for them and are now facing a need to improve their health.

It’s proven that your weight doesn’t measure your health. But your habits do.

Letting go of ‘weight’ as the only way to measure success allows many of the NYH members to actually make life-long changes that feel comfortable and successful.

Some people lose their extra weight with new habits and have an easier time keeping it off because the routines work with their life (not against it).

Some people stop gaining weight.

Some people don’t lose pounds on the scale but see a change in their waistline.

Some people’s biggest successes include increased fitness and strength, improvements to their labs, lower medications, better blood pressure and/or blood sugars … all of which help them feel better day-to-day.

And almost all participants say they feel better about their eating, have an easier time making food choices, know they can eat this way for years to come and have generally less stress when it comes to food. 

Is everything online? I'm not good with computers.

Yes, this this an online program, but as long as you can 

1. create an online account with a username and a password

2. check your email and click a link in it 

3. and/or download and open an app (optional)

… you’ve got this!


All of the program content, extra resources, payments, appointment scheduling, forms, check-ins, community chat area and messages with me are kept in one place within your online client portal. Your portal can be accessed on either a desktop computer or through the mobile app. 

I've had high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes for years - is this program still a fit?

Whether you’ve had health concerns for years or are just hearing about them now, if you don’t feel like you’ve been able to get a handle on your eating or overall lifestyle habits to manage your health, this is likely still a good fit for you.

If you need a higher level of individualized care for your diabetes though, such as eating to match insulin or dietary restrictions to manage kidney disease or dialysis, this might not the best fit for you.

I’m happy to chat more about your specific health situation and health priorities –  book a free Introduction call here.

Will I get a meal plan to follow?

I totally get that having a meal plan makes if feel like you’re doing something about your eating!

I do share a couple of sample meal plans in the program, just so you can see what eating could look like. 

But meal plans tend to give people a false sense of security with their overall plan.

Premade meal plans don’t consider your preferences or what’s in your fridge on any given day or allow for flexibility when unexpected things happen in life. They don’t make room for celebrations or events and don’t encourage you to listen to your hunger. They don’t know your culture, cooking skills, specific medical concerns or food budget. They don’t adjust to the season of the year or the season of life you’re in. 

Plus I’m not going to be there with you for the rest of your life … and who wants to carry around measuring cups or a set meal plan?!

I think you get my point.

In the program, I teach you ways to add all of these factors into your own eating pattern so you can plan meals for your life … instead of making your life fit into a meal plan.  

What's the difference between the 2 support options?

Month-to-month access

This option includes the Nourish your Health program, access to the growing resource library, all new content and updates added as well as weekly accountability check-ins and monthly monitoring by me. It does not include any individual sessions however these are available to add-on as you want.

Paying month-to-month gives you the flexibility to say in the program for the length of time you want. You can come and go, depending on what you need for resources or support.

Some people prefer to have a set committment, which has some accountability built right in – if this is you, the 4-month customized Program Plus+ might feel like a better investment. Or you may choose to sign up for month-to-month with a specific end-date right from the start.

Month-to-month access is also an option for ongoing support after completing the Program Plus+.


4-month customized Program Plus+

Get all that’s included in the Nourish your Health Program plus …

  • monthly individual sessions
  • weekly journal reviews with feedback
  • access to ask questions anytime

This is where you can take the program content and really apply it to you, your routines and your health priorities.

Signing up for a four-month commitment gives some people a set timeframe, a specific focus over the 4 months and a little extra accountability to themselves as they make this a priority in their life.

Plus, research shows that with focused changes to your lifestyle and eating habits for at least 3 months, you can improve a number of health outcomes including cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Is this program covered by my insurance?

Each employer works with the insurance company to decide what and how much will be covered in your policy. 

If you are covered to work with a registered dietitian, this program fits into that. Regardless of the support option you choose, Angela will be involved in providing nutrition education, recommendations and monitoring your progress. It’s not a DIY course!

At the end of each month or after each session, you’ll be given an Official Receipt either to use for reimbursement or for your records if you are Direct Billing.

Verifying your coverage with your insurance provider is never a bad idea though. At this point most providers are recognizing virtual care, however this may be something to ask about.

Do you just teach the same generic info I got already from the 2-hour class at the health centre?

Some of the ideas may be the same as what you’ve heard before, but with this online format, I’m able to go more in-depth and give you more hands-on activities to help you understand and apply the information to your life. 

So while it might start out as a fairly generic topic, with the added resources and worksheets, you’ll work through it and take what fits best with your health priorities and routines. 

You also have access to a variety of supports during your time in the program, including the private community chat area as well as weekly check-ins from me to help keep you going.

It’s this support that really makes the difference – there is NO shortage of information available online … but the difference between knowing the info and actually using it comes back to guidance and support on taking those steps toward making a habit of it. 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Refunds can be requested within the first 7 days after you register for either option of the Nourish your Health Program.

Your refund amount will be pro-rated to account for any services you’ve used within the program.

All the details about refunds and other policies are available before you move forward with your registration for the program.

Do you have another question? Contact me.


Join The Nourish your Health Program

Take control of your health before your health controls your life

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